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Custom boat designs bespoke tailored to each of our unique clients' specific requirements


All construction done in-house by the most talented and passionate craftsmen in the industry


Complete overhaul and professional maintenance of wooden boats, as well as winter storage


BR 28 - our latest design - utilises a unique technology that combines mahogany with carbon fibre and foam core using vacuum infusion, thus making the whole hull a single solid monocoque structure, that is ultra-light weight, yet incredibly stiff, strong and durable, comparing to both, conventional plank on frame boats as well as modern GRP's. Thanks to our technology, the hull requires very little maintenance. The design features an extended waterline and a plumb bow, which offers more speed and stability, the sharp bow angle slices waves ensuring a smooth ride. The long waterline effectively enlarges the cabin, allowing for a comfortable double v-berth and an enclosed head under the deck.

The BR 28 can be equipped with either a single or twin 300 hp petrol engines and jet propulsion.

Some of the possible amenities include:

  • large settee, with a removable table top and a cushion insert to make a large bed 

  • galley with two burners, sink and refrigerator in the cockpit.

  • sound and lighting system integrated in the cockpit and settee

  • custom made trailer

  • bilge fan and fire safety system with sprinklers in the engine room

  • Optional cabrio top

  • Optional aft sunbathing cushion recessed in the deck

  • Optional bow thruster for single engine setup

Contact us to find out more.

Monlac - a beautiful and spacious 45' mahogany commuter yacht built in 1948 by Rosättra. She received a thorough renovation in the spring of 2021 in Stockholm, all surfaces were scraped and sanded back to bare wood, the necessary repairs were made and numerous coats of paint and varnish were applied. We also polished and clear coated her brass trim, she is now prettier than ever.

In the summer of 2018 this 75sqm Skerry Cruiser named "Katja" sailed from Sweden to our facility in Latvia, where we worked on her for 11 months. She got a large portion of her backbone replaced including new oak bow-wood and keel-wood, as well as a number of new pine planks, below the waterline. All of her paint on the bottom and topsides was scraped off and completely redone. Her 19 meter douglas fir mast was sanded back to bare wood and sheathed with thin fibreglass and epoxy. She also got a new transom, and stainless steel floors. In the pictures she is headed back to Vaxholm, Sweden in 2019.

In 2019. we carried out an extensive restoration on this Finnish snipa. She got a few new mahogany planks, new keel and keel wood, stem and sternwood, new steam bent and hand riveted oak frames, floors, engine beds, as well as new deck beams, canvas sheathed house top and pine deck, with mahogany king plank and covering boards. 

14' Runabout / hydroplane - we built this little boat in 2016, to be used in ponds and lakes. It's an ultra-light two-seater that is about as much fun to drive as a jet-ski, but with the stunning looks of a classic mahogany runabout.

BR 30 - Concept design. This boat, or a customised version can be built to order.

Different engine and propulsion options

A spacious cockpit settee and a comfortable cabin for two. 

Lots of amenities available.

Contact us to find out more.

CG Pettersson saloon boat or Salongsbåt in Swedish - One of our current ongoing projects is this beautiful motor cruiser we are assuming to be built around the 1910-1920s. She has had a long life and had been rebuilt beyond recognition in the 90's with a different cabin and many other changes that probably seemed more "contemporary" at the time. Right now we are giving her back the original house and everything else that was missing. 
She has so far got a new solid mahogany deck, new keel and stem, new transon, new house and top as well as a number of the bottom planks replaced among many other things. 
She still has her original 100 year old topside planks.
We also replaced the old rusted iron frames and floors with stainless ones. 

Petterson salongsbat
Our work


At Baltic Runabout we create works of art according to your every wish. We are a custom building and design studio, working together with some of the world's greatest naval architects and designers. Our team of highly experienced craftsmen are ready to turn your dream into reality, our boats are exclusively handcrafted in-house, from wood to metal and upholstery work, everything is done by the best people in their trade. No one knows better how to keep a runabout in an excellent condition than the people who built it, that is why we offer a great off-season maintenance and storage package for our clients.  

We also offer restoration and maintenance work for wood and composite vessels up to a 100 feet in length.​

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